Sunday, September 2, 2007

Wild at Heart

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I'm reading Wild at Heart for what will be the second time. I want to share with you some of my favorite quotes, things that i've highlighted from the book. I think they identify where I'm struggling and where I'm headed, and what I need.

"Where are all the real men? is regular fare for talk shows and new books. You asked them to become women, I want to say."

"Christ draws the enemy out, exposes him for what he is, and shames him in front of everyone."

"He won't risk, he won't fight, and he won't rescue Eve. Our first father-the first real man-gave into paralysis. He denied his very nature and went passive. And every man after him, every son of Adam, carries in his heart now the same failure. Every man repeats the sin of Adam, everyday."

"Eve is a life giver, she is Adam's ally. It is to both of them that the charter of adventure is given. It will take both of them to sustain life. And they will both need to fight together."

"There comes a time when we simply have to face the challenges in our lives and stop backing down."

"I've noticed when I deny the anger I am feelig it turns into fear."

"begin to taste your true strength and you will want more."

"Remember-a man's addictions are the result of his refusing his strnegth."

"Satan doesn't just throw a thought at us, he throws feelings too."

"All men die, few men ever really live."

"It means he will fight for us, with us, just as he fought for his people all through the ages. So long as we walk with Christ, stay in him, we haven't a thing to fear."

"The masculine journey takes a man away from the woman so that he might return to her. He goes to find his strength, he returns to offer it. He tears down the walls of the tower that has held her with his words and with his actions. He speaks to her heart's deepest question in a thousand ways. Yes, you are lovely. Yes, there is one who will fight for you. But because most men have not yetfought the battle, most women are still in the tower."

These are just a few which I love. The book is filled with more highliter than not. I hope these spoke to your hearts.


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