Friday, August 3, 2007

My Game and A Book

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This is a picture of the 18th hole of Rancho Viejo where Coach Phillips lives. That water tower in the back is actually being refurbished right now and will look like a golfball on a tee when they finish. Coachs' house is about 2 miles from that hole.
Last night we played in a golf tournament they hold every Thursday called a Hot Nine. It was a three man scramble and I was fortunate enough to play with Coach Phillips. We had a great time. Although we didn't win the main tourney we did pick up a skin which covered our entry fee. The courses here are very different to that of Jacksonville. The fairways are made up of different grass and the layouts are much longer. I hit the ball really well, given too that I didn't have my own sticks. I am thinking when I get back I will get my teaching license and start giving lessons, maybe get a job at a golf course in town. The only requirement is that you shoot under a certain number over a two day period, count it?
I have been reading a book called, The Dream Giver, that Damon picked up for me. This book is spot on for what I am going through right now. I will give you a brief description of what I mean. It is about a boy named, Ordinary, who grows up in a town called Familiar. One day Ordinary has a dream and decides to leave his Familiar town and pursue it. He finds with each step he takes away from Familair he is relieved yet frightened and anxious. At one point he decides to head back to Familiar but the Dream Giver assures him that he will be with him. He has all kinds of obstacles to overcome to achieve his dream but realizes it is the only option he has. Sounds eerily familiar, right? It is inspirational to read. If you have any suggestions on other books that will be insightful during this time don't hesitate to let me know what they are.

Im gonna kick this 40 days' ass!

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