Thursday, August 30, 2007


So I just got out of SuperBad, and I wasn't that impressed. I was however impressed by the fact that I went by myself to the movies. It is something that used to be a weekly routine for me in New York. Go out and get drunk the night before, wake up and catch the matinee with a sub from the corner bodega, sit in a freezing cold theatre alone and veg and nurse a hangover. Those are some of my best memories of NY, weird right? I like to project myself into a character in a movie and really get into it. The movie was, for the most part abusive language and shock comedy. I enjoyed it, just wouldn't see it again probably. So throughout my projections, I thought what I would be doing at the party scenes, with the girls, etc. At times I missed it, but very briefly. I like to have fun, and go out occasionally, I think just at times it hit a little close to home. At one point, a guy is sitting in the bathroom at a house party alone, lamming drinks getting himself to a place where he could have sex with a girl for the first time. Cue how I lost my virginity? Ha. Anyways, I'm headed to bed. More to come tomorrow.

I'm playingf golf in the morning and going to a group therapy meeting in the PM. I'm actually looking forward to sharing. My newfound honesty and openness with people is enjoyable.

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